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“Laura’s professionalism and attention to detail was top of the line, and we were extremely pleased with the results of her program here. The feedback from the participants and their managers was exceptional.

We chose to work with the Sicola Consulting Group over a number of universities and other established organizations in the field because we knew from the moment she first presented to us that she would deliver the results that we needed.

Our employees have expressed strong interest in additional training opportunities with her in the future.”

Eric VanDerSluis JP Morgan
Chase Card Services


Business English Language Training

Today, English is the language of global business. The individuals and organizations that succeed are the ones who have the facility and comfort with oral and written English language communication in all venues, from meeting in person, to conference calls or email correspondence. When communication is smooth and easy, trust and confidence are developed, and business gets done.

Whether at a call-center in Mumbai or a bank in Manhattan, strategic business English training will help employees build better relationships with native English speaking customers and colleagues alike. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, reduced cycle time, and increased productivity, all of which have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Plus, greater intelligibility, poise and clarity of communication improves people's image, reputation and self-confidence, and empowers them to successfully pursue professional advancement. This can help increase diversity at all levels of the organization, as linguistic proficiency helps employees break through the “linguistic glass ceiling.”

Business English skills for international and local non-native speakers of English include:

  • accent/intelligibility
  • leading and participating in meetings
  • public speaking and presentations
  • negotiation and diplomacy
  • email etiquette
    and more

Program times range from single-session workshops to half-year trainings or longer. Group programs can be presented at your location, and individual or small-group coaching sessions can be done virtually as well, supporting you and your employees anywhere in the world.

Dr. Sicola (second from left) with LearnServe Egypt students at the Washington Diplomat headquarters in Washington, DC for training on pitching to the media

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