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“Laura is a true expert in the field, and our sessions were always the highlight of my week! I would highly recommend the Sicola Consulting Group's professional language coaching services to all individuals ranging from the beginner to the advanced level, for both business and pleasure.”

L. Graziano, Financial Services Professional
Barilotti Wealth Strategies


Foreign Language Coaching

Maximize YOUR Learning Potential

In the 21st century, one of the great differentiators between those who get ahead and those who get left behind is having proficiency in a foreign language.

The truth is that anyone can learn another language at any age. The question is HOW.

The Sicola Consulting Group’s exclusive Triangulated Coaching System can help you determine the best approach for you to use in order to master a new language quickly and easily (and have fun doing it!)

Our Triangulated Coaching System is a 3-step process in which we identify:

  1. Your natural language-learning style
  2. Your short- and long-term language goals, and
  3. The language and cultural resources that are available to you.

We use this data to customize your personalized learning plan. Use this plan as a compass to guide your independent learning, or continue working with us privately as we coach you through the learning process, no matter what language you decide to study.

Stop citing myths and making excuses such as:

“I’m too old.”
“It’s too hard.”
“I’m not good at foreign languages.”

Whether working in person or online, individually or in a small group, let us help you discover your hidden language potential, and make your learning experience manageable, relevant and fun!

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