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“Developing leadership skills at the intersection of language and culture will be a true differentiator for executing successfully in the 21st century global economy. The programs that Dr. Sicola and we conducted in Egypt during Global Entrepreneurship Week were directly on target. We will do them again for sure.”

Christopher G. Caine President and CEO
Mercator XXI, LLC


Inter-Cultural Communications

Inter-cultural communication skills facilitate efficient, effective communication in the global, multicultural and multilingual workplace, whether managing a diverse team in a single office space or communicating with clients, vendors or coworkers abroad. Recognizing and employing culturally relevant communication strategies eliminates miscommunication, reduces errors and cycle times, improves rapport and ultimately saves and makes money.

Nowadays, “awareness” training is not enough; the key is putting awareness and knowledge into execution.

Whether looking for a broad introduction to cross-cultural communication issues or country-specific guidance, the Sicola Consulting Group will customize a program to meet your needs, develop immediate insights and practical, visibly effective skills for:

  • Identifying your own culturally-based influences and assumptions
  • Recognizing the intent of a person’s message vs. their delivery
  • Employing culturally appropriate strategies for negotiation, responsibility management and conflict resolution
  • Leading in-house teams vs. “Leading by e-mail” (i.e. geographically dispersed teams)
    and more

At Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cairo, Egypt - Leading a workshop for entrepreneurs on intercultural communication strategies in global business


With LearnServe Egypt students at the Washington Diplomat headquarters for training on pitching to the media


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