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K-12 and Beyond

English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing group of students in American schools today, and the number of international students enrolling at colleges, universities and other educational programs is also on the rise. Is your organization prepared to meet their linguistic and academic needs?

Working with ELLs is no longer the sole responsibility of English/ESL (English as a second language) teachers. For students to succeed at any level, teachers and instructors of all subjects need to know how to teach the language of their field, and how to deliver content as efficiently and effectively as possible for students who are not yet proficient in academic (or even conversational) English.

The Sicola Consulting Group provides hands-on professional development to empower all faculty and staff members – including administrators and paraprofessionals – with research-based, best-practice strategies to help ELLs develop academic English skills and content area knowledge, and ultimately close the achievement gap.

As Keynote speaker at TexTESOL 2011 Conference

With Dr. Francis Hult of the University of Texas San Antonio at TexTESOL conference

Leading a workshop for the World Bank Family Network on using multicultural literature as a tool to help children adjust through international relocation


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