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Business English:

“Laura’s professionalism and attention to detail was top of the line, and we were extremely pleased with the results of her program here. The feedback from the participants and their managers was exceptional.

We chose to work with the Sicola Consulting Group over a number of universities and other established organizations in the field because we knew from the moment she first presented to us that she would deliver the results that we needed.

Our employees have expressed strong interest in additional training opportunities with her in the future.”

- Eric VanDerSluis JP Morgan, Chase Card Services

K-12 and Beyond:

"Thank you for the training! It was upbeat and paced perfectly! The materials were digestible and directly applicable. Thank you!"

- Special education teacher, New London School District

"It was the best ESL workshop I have attended."

- Literacy coach, New London

"I thought it was excellent and I would love to see it mandated by the state and also utilized at the higher education level to better prepare teachers who will be working with a very diverse group of students."

- School administrator, New Britain

“Dr. Sicola’s training was a powerful experience for everyone there, and emotions ranged from laughter to tears as participants found their own experiences and those of their children reflected in the activities. In the end, everyone felt that they had learned something new, and all were eager to return to their homes and classrooms and share the stories and strategies with their own children.”

- C. Mathieu, Coordinator, World Bank Family Network

Inter-Cultural Communications:

“Developing leadership skills at the intersection of language and culture will be a true differentiator for executing successfully in the 21st century global economy. The programs that Dr. Sicola and we conducted in Egypt during Global Entrepreneurship Week were directly on target. We will do them again for sure.”

- Christopher G. Caine, President and CEO, Mercator XXI, LLC

Foreign Language Coaching:

"Laura is a true expert in the field, and our sessions were always the highlight of my week! I would highly recommend the Sicola Consulting Group's professional language coaching services to all individuals ranging from the beginner to the advanced level, for both business and pleasure."

- L. Graziano, Financial Services Professional, Barilotti Wealth Strategies

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